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On this website, there are three ways to submit a prayer request.

  1. Anonymously
  2. Signing Up
  3. Via TXT message

1. Enter an Anonymous Prayer Request

To enter an anonymous prayer request, go to here, and type your prayer request. Because of the anonymous nature of the posting, messages will not appear on there immediately, but will be entered into a cue for verifying, and once checked, entered into the main prayer listing as an anonymous posting.

2. Sign Up

This is the option that gives access to the best services on the site. Firstly, you have My ePray, which is where all your previous postings are stored. You also get the facility to store other people's prayer requests so that you can easily keep updated on the prayers that you pray for. Secondly, you will have access to the Prayer Rooms, where you can join others in praying for certain topics, also to have fellowship with other Christians around the globe.

3. Txting your prayers

The final way to send prayer requests to this site is to send your prayer in by TXT message. Just send the word epray followed by your prayer request to 07766 40 41 42. In a similar way to the anonymous prayer requests, this will be qued for checking and entering into the main prayer listing. It will take a while for the message to appear. more...




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